• OilExpert is a young, ambitious company selling auto parts, engine oil, transmission fluid and car accessories.
    What distinguishes us from other companies is our focus on customer service at the highest level. We pride ourselves on our level of expertise within the automotive industry. 
    You will find well-known brands, spare parts and original parts by and for BMW, Ford, and Skoda. In addition we specialize in selling parts for automatic transmissions from ZF. 
    OilExpert has been in business for just over two years, during this time we have experienced massive development. Our success can be put down to our partnerships with authorized dealers of BMW, Ford, Skoda / VW / Audi / Seat. What's more, we are official partners of the representative office of ZF Transmissions.
    OilExpert will deliver products fast to customers across the UK, guaranteeing the best prices.

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